My name is Desislava Stoyanova and I am from Bulgaria. I was born in 1997 in Sofia, which is the capital of my country. I also used to live in the USA for a short period of time.

Travelling, creating & taking pictures of beautiful things and places are essentials for me. I also love reading, spending time with friends, watching YouTube videos, eating pancakes, shopping, rabbits, listening to music and laughing.

I have been in Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia,Serbia, Hungary, Montenegro, Russia, Albania, Romania, Greece, Turkey, the USA, Switzerland, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia, Austria, Slovakia, France, Monaco, Poland and the Czech Republic. I want to explore more, to meet different people, who will teach me something unique.

Outfits are an artsy way to express my character. I am not about fashion, I am all about style, and most importantly personal style.

‘Always be proud of what you wear!’ – a wise girl said once.

Love, explore and be happy! Make yourself. See the beauty. Learn. Feel. Celebrate. Create. Try. Give. Enjoy life and appreciate the people around you.

Thank you for reading!